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This Website was established and is maintained by Self-Funding
Actuarial Services, Inc
. (SFA) for the purpose of offering to
 Users a third option in obtaining Actuarial Work-Products.


    1. Traditional (First Option)

        This Option, described in, has

        been offered by SFA for many years and will continue

        without change. This Option permits the User to submit the

        requisite data/documentation in any format agreeable to  

        such User.


    2. Advanced (Second Option)

        This Option, described in was established

        and is maintained by Actuarial Work-Products, Inc., an

        affiliate of SFA. It permits the User to become an Eligible

        User, be given a password and directly input

        data/documentation into a Website-embedded computer

        program and receive a Work-Product as an Email subject to

        certain disciplines.


    3. Intermediate (Third Option)

        This Option permits the User to gain most of the   

        advantages of the Second Option without having direct

        access to the Website- embedded computer program. This

        Option also provides the User with efficiencies and

        fee-reductions when compared with those of the First Option.


A Menu of Work-Products (with descriptions, commentary,

illustrative samples, etc.) is available for the review of the
prospective User. Other Subsites of interest and value include 
Fee Schedule, Data Transmission and Terms and Meanings.



To obtain an Actuarial Work-Product, click here.