Terms and Meanings


Actuary means a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries.



    AWP means Actuarial Work-Products.

   D means dental.

   F means family.

   FASB means Financial Accounting Standards Board.

   FS means Florida Statute.

   GASB means Government Accounting Standards Board.

   HMO means Health Maintenance Organization.

   HRA means Health Reimbursement Account.

   HSA means Health Savings Account.

   I  means individual.

   IAC means Iowa Annotated Code.

   ID means identification.

   IRS means Internal  Revenue Service.

   LTD means long term disability.

   ORC means Ohio Revised Code.

   P/C means participant and child.

   P+1 means participant and one other covered person.

   P+2 means participant and two other covered persons.

   P/S means participant and spouse.

   M means medical.

   MCO means managed care organization.

   MEWA means Multiple Employer Welfare Association.

   MGU means managing general underwriter.

   Rx means prescription drugs.

   TPA means third party administrator.

   STD means short term disability.

   User means the business entity engaging the actuary for

        work-product services.

   V means vision.